My First Five Days as a Summer Fellow

As week one of working as a Ketchum Summer Fellow (NYC) draws to a close, I’ve found myself gushing on the phone to my parents and friends about how incredible of a week this has been. I’m already catching myself speaking in Ketchum acronyms, putting names with faces (and email addresses and twitter handles, of course) and feeling at home within Ketchum’s walls and my new cubicle nestled in the Research section.

Shot of the Fellows after visiting a TV Studio.

The Summer Fellows have eagerly filled their past five days with piles of orientation books and paperwork, first assignments, lots of laughter and coffee, and a family of new friends. Though I could write pages on my first week alone, I’ll try to offer a small snapshot of what my first five days taught me.

Fresh Ideas Welcome
Because you’re reading this, it means you’ve made it to lesson number one: When Ketchum says they value your input as a Fellow, they truly do. Since day one, every employee at Ketchum has encouraged fellows to share their ideas, offer fresh insights and immerse themselves in the energy that runs through Ketchum’s halls. Invitations to write for the blog, join brainstorms and share inspiration abound. There’s nothing more welcoming than being told what you say, think and observe is valued.

Collaboration is Key
A whirlwind of presentations from leaders of Ketchum’s several departments, Day 2 of Orientation revealed just how interwoven Ketchum’s work is. It was clear to me that Ketchum employees rely on each other to pour hard work, creativity and fun into all that they do. It’s hard to miss the fact that this spirit of collaboration runs so genuinely through Ketchum.

The Door is Always Open
I think I can safely say that every single presentation I’ve attended has ended with a heartfelt, “My door is always open” invitation. Everyone I’ve come into contact with has encouraged Fellows to drop in, ask questions or arrange meetings so we can soak in all of the learning experiences Ketchum can offer.

These three observations don’t even begin to cover the amount of technical skills, professional development, or friendships I’m beginning to make. But, it is clear to me that Ketchum deeply cares about the experiences its Fellows have. I couldn’t be happier with the people I share my day with and I can’t begin to imagine the growth our group of Fellows will experience in the coming weeks. I’m thrilled to be at Ketchum and so eager to explore all the summer and city have to offer!