The Year-End MVPs: Most Valued Projects to Use Budget Before Year-End

It’s that time of the year again. With only 17 business days left before December 31, many marketing and communications leaders are feeling the pressure of the “use it or lose it” mandate as they compare remaining work days to remaining budget.

Investing in an additional project or two is the usual path that leaders take. But the question is, how do you evaluate projects for their true value in the final days of 2018 – value in terms of return on investment for dollars spent and in the sense of time invested to achieve wins for your brand in a time-crunched holiday season?

Want to tell the story of the year’s accomplishments in moving pictures? Creating a year-end sizzle reel can package and promote your successes in an easy-to-pass-along visual format. Another way to approach the sizzle is to create a holiday-relevant content compilation, bringing your season’s greetings or New Year well-wishes to life through video. Contact: [email protected].

Short Cuts Videos

Want to try a short-form, social media-friendly video that can capture what’s trending? Try Short Cuts – cinematic magic in 24 to 48 hours using only smartphones and laptops. Equal parts creative and tech, these 30 second (or less) videos are produced on-the-fly to reflect the latest topics and trends lighting up social media. Great for opportunistic marketing. Contact: [email protected].

Media Training

Want to brush up on what it takes to engage the media in your sector? Media trainings can prepare your executives to convey what’s current and credible to match the interests of local, national or global editorial desks. Combine with an editorial analysis to uncover fresh angles and hooks. Contact: [email protected].

Reputation Management

Want to ensure the readiness of your brand or business for reputational challenges as you enter a new year? Think about conducting a fresh review of your crisis plan, initiating a reputational risk audit or preparing your teams with a hands-on simulation to test out the systems/plans you have in place. Contact: [email protected].

Reputation Management

Want to boost executive visibility and thought leadership campaigns? Getting ahead of speechwriting work, executive profile building, contributed pieces or other thought leadership can project forward into a strong Q1. A by-lined article series can be authored now and pitched for placement into the first weeks of 2019 to fill industry prediction stories or other forward-looking commentary. Contact: [email protected].

These projects are just a sample of the kinds of fast-turn initiatives we can help with before year-end. Contact me or any of the people listed above. We’re happy to help you create your very own MVPs.