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Welcome to Ketchum’s London office page. If you'd like to get to know us, give the copy below a quick read.

It’s highly likely that you are visiting because of one of the following reasons:

  • on the lookout for a place to do really great work,
  • in search of an agency to help grow your business or protect your good name,
  • a competitor, wondering what we’re up to,  
  • or maybe the mom of one of our staff.

Whatever brings you to this page, we would love to answer your questions in person. Until then, here’s some of what you’ll want to know. . .

We recently announced plans to grow our business through one of the largest-ever mergers in the public relations industry, combining operations with Pleon, Europe’s largest strategic communications consultancy. As a result, we’ve strengthened our position as one of the world’s largest and most geographically diverse public relations agencies and Europe’s leading public relations agency, with more than 45 offices and affiliates in over 25 countries across the Continent.

We work for global clients, UK clients and very local clients. We’re seasoned communicators with backgrounds in journalism, marketing, science, the arts and prison (long story) among many other pertinent areas. We also have some of the best accountants, HR people, IT specialists and caterers helping us around the clock.

Most of our clients are leaders in their fields – healthcare, cosmetics, domestic goods, civil society, technology, food and beverage, professional services, and entertainment. The few that are not are striving to be, and we’re doing our best to help them get to the top.

Have a question for us? Send it to greatpeople [at] ketchum [dot] com, and we’ll answer as best as we can.