Introducing the 2012 FedEx Ketchum Social Business Study

We are pleased to announce the release of our 2012 FedEx Ketchum Social Business Study, presented jointly by FedEx and Ketchum.  This study updates and expands upon research first undertaken in 2010 and analyzes the changing impact of social media on business today. Organizations are leveraging social media tools to evolve into social businesses – creating communities and relationships with external and internal stakeholders that are transforming the way they do business. This is impacting organizational structure and hierarchies in a way that will continue to drive successful companies to become more adaptive and responsive to their stakeholders’ needs and preferences. The four key findings we uncovered in the study are:

  1. The Social Business Revolution is Upon Us: The impact, value and reach of social tools is expanding beyond the realm of consumer/brand management, and transforming organizations into social businesses.
  2. Organizations are “Going Social” on the Inside: Social tools are increasingly being leveraged inside organizations, impacting internal interactions, culture and structure.
  3. Social Ownership is Moving to an “Orchestra” Model: “Ownership” of social media is expanding beyond marketing and communications, to business leaders, employees and even consumers.
  4. Businesses Are Becoming More Flexible and Adaptive: Businesses are becoming more adaptive as they strategically adopt social tools to listen, respond and engage with their stakeholders and co-create value.

This is the first in a four-part series; check back in future posts to learn more about each of our top findings.

To download the full findings report click here.

To watch Tyler Durham, Partner and Managing Director at Ketchum Pleon Change, provide his perspective on the 2012 FedEx Ketchum Social Business Study in the video below:


To learn more about the study, we invite you to join our webinar on August 7, 11-12 a.m. ET. The webinar will include presentations from:

  • Renée Horne, Director of Digital & Social Media Engagement at FedEx
  • Michelle Mahony, Director at Ketchum Pleon Change
  • Joe Becker, SVP, Group Manager & Online Strategy at Ketchum Digital

They will discuss the study findings, share examples and highlight the implications for organizations as they evolve to become social businesses.

To join the webinar please click here and RSVP. Once you do, you’ll receive a reply email with an invitation and the log-in details.

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