If …

If a single Scarecrow is able to teach kids to care about what they eat and to spark a conversation about food, it deserves a Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Lions.


If a CEO and his PR team deem their own product so trustworthy that they are willing to put it through a series of gasp-provoking stunts, sparking a conversation about trucks, it deserves a PR Lion.


If a newspaper is willing to sensor its own news and encourage other media and the public to do the same, sparking conversation on government censorship, it deserves a PR Lion.


If a PR campaign brings back wrestling to the Olympics (*client), it deserves a PR Lion.


If a fictitious company opens a real gas station to spark interest in a TV-Series, it deserves a PR Lion.


If a burger sparks a million love songs (*client), it deserves a PR Lion.


If a miniature blond supermodel sparks a conversation about how we see women (*client), this is #unapologetic, and it deserves a PR Promo & Activation Silver Lion.


It was an honor and an inspiration to serve on the jury for the 2014 Cannes PR Lions. With entries in the PR category up 43 percent versus last year, the growing importance of this event for our industry is clear. Congratulations to all of the winners!

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