Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day: Winning Hearts and Minds on the Internet

Never forget, the internet is a network of people, and the most successful brands are those that are human. In the spirit of a holiday dedicated to winning the hearts and minds of your audience, regardless of its size, here are eight engagement tips for your organization to apply in its communications approach on Valentine’s Day.

1. Listen:
Make sure you listen to what others have to say. Too many organizations are self-interested and talk about themselves. One-sided relationships never last.


2. Focus on Mutual Interests:
You have a relationships for a reason – make sure you’re discussing things that both of you benefit from.


3. Be True to Yourself:
In all relationships, it’s important to be authentic to yourself. Hiding flaws or trying to be someone you’re not will come back to bite you later.


4. Use Humor Where Appropriate:
Everyone appreciates a little humor – don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t be afraid to crack a joke or two.


5. Tell Me a Story (words, pictures and video):
Don’t be afraid to show your audience exactly what you mean through photos or videos. A clearer message is a better message.


6. Embrace a Personal Touch:
Take the time to let them know their voice is heard by responding to posts and comments. It goes a long way.


7. Learn From Your Mistakes:
Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. No one is perfect and great relationships only grow stronger from this.


8. Ask for Feedback and Say Thank You:
Strong relationships are built on a mutual respect – let others help to shape your brand to build a deeper connection. Say thank you to those who take the time to build a relationship with you.