Facebook and Brands in the EU

I have already made a reference to the excellent Socialbakers.com site for Facebook stats. Perusing this for a client project, I made up this nice table I haven’t seen anywhere else, focusing on what the relationship is between the Facebook presence and brands. When comparing the top-five most “liked” brands in each of the countries, I found the situation described in this chart:

Gianni’s elaboration on data from Socialbakers.com

One has therefore to wonder what’s so special in Spain for them to “like” brands so much: according to this stat (Folks at Socialbakers, can you double-check this number?!) a whopping 64% of Spaniards on Facebook like the top brand, which in this case happens to be apparel firm Zara (BTW, find the top five for each country in the table below).

The other interesting thing I noticed is that, factoring out Spain, which truly seems to behave differently, all top five U.S. brands are more liked (in percentage, of course) than any brand in mainland Europe, with the only exception the Nutella brand in Italy.

Does this means Americans have more allegiance to brands than Europeans? Or only that they express it with more confidence on Facebook?

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