Drivers of Change

Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organisations to a desired future state.” (1)

Social trends have always been key drivers of change, influencing company organisational structures, corporate cultures, business strategies and IT systems and processes. In an era of lifelong learning and where digital networks continue to evolve interpersonal relationships, each organisational change scenario brings with it different challenges to change managers and communicators. However there is one key common factor for success: the change can only succeed and be implemented when the people of the organisation are involved and the change management makes a point of seeking dialog.

This infographic gives an example of the macro challenges that lead an organisation to consider change and highlights some of the internal issues that can arise when the people are not involved.

LAY Infografik Change inspire

(1)   Kotter, J. (July 12, 2011). “Change Management vs. Change Leadership — What’s the Difference?” Forbes online.