Does Social Media Matter?

Research, or any recent conversation with a marketer will tell you that social media is one of the marketing hottest topics. What’s working? What’s not? What’s the latest? How do I put it in context?  That’s why Ketchum’s Brand Marketing Practice decided to sponsor BlogHer’s annual social media study, aptly named the 2010 Social Media Matters Study.
Findings from the study will help marketers better understand where to focus online, especially when it comes to purchase recommendations. Key findings include:

  • Social media is growing with over three-quarters (77%) of adults 18+ online now participating weekly or more.

  • 3 in 4 women online are active social media users.

  • Blogs are second only to Internet search as the preferred media source for product purchasing information for BlogHer Network users.

  • Half of the total U.S. online population and 81% of the BlogHer Network audience turn to blogs for advice and guidance.

  • Men are just as active as women in social media, but they prefer different destinations (YouTube vs. Facebook or social gaming).

Does social media matter? Just if you want consumers to buy or recommend your product.