Did Bill Clinton Endorse Mindfire?

Speaker after speaker at Cannes has mentioned the power – and necessity – of engaging groups of diverse people in their business and initiatives if they really want to solve problems and develop major opportunities.

Talking to fans was the first step for Jon Chu, producer for Justin Bieber, in producing his movie, Never Say Never. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo reminded us that, with 400 million tweets a day, platforms like Twitter enable anyone to get input from anyone else, and that everyone wants a voice.

And President Clinton summed it all up by saying “diverse networks of creative cooperation” are essential to solve global problems. And, by the way,  this applies to business challenges, too.

Our own Mindfire is an example of how we are already engaging diverse, global networks to solve problems for clients. If you believe what’s being said at Cannes, more work needs to be approached this way if we are to really solve problems and create opportunities for clients and for our own business.