Development: Doing it Right

In a recent lecture we were asked to define “development.” Many definitions and buzzwords were thrown around – learning, training, application, focus. But the lecturer turned around and said just two words that sum it all up: Development is change and growth.

Change is hard, not many people openly welcome change. It’s the uncertainty involved; the fear of the unknown. But, change is inevitable. Approaches, processes and resources all change constantly and impact our way of life – if you don’t adapt to the change, you will be left behind.

Here are a couple of tips to guide you though moments of change that can lead to tangible development:

You can reflect in more than just a mirror. The practice of self-reflection is something we should regularly do and encourage others to practice. The reflective professional increases their success by evaluating their own development. Why did I do that? What was the outcome? Can I do it any better next time? How can I develop to thrive in the changing environment?

One key change we will all go through is the changing face of technology and borderless teams. I shared in a previous post how I work on a virtual team. The practices we have adopted came through experimentation – if we didn’t venture into the world of the unknown, we wouldn’t have developed the strong working relationships we have now. Our team has developed. Our ways of working have evolved. And so from change comes growth.

So, how can we embrace change and use those moments to grow and develop? Be brave. Be open to new things. And reflect on yourself.