The Culturalist

Our CulturaLUST of the week is Jonah Hill for being able to pull off two comedic rolls this weekend — one on the lighter side in  Get Him to the Greek as Russell Brand’s well-meaning sidekick the other on the darker side in Cyrus as a jealous son weary of his mother’s suitor. We hope he’s laughing all the way to the box office at haters that thought he was a one-trick pony.
Our CulturalBUST of the week is the overexposure of Megan Fox – talent, check, beauty, check, sense of humor, check — so why can we only talk about her hot factor? Come on, people, if we only want to talk about pure hotness, we have a fresh season of True Blood ahead of us. For more cultural picks, check out last week’s issue of the Culturalist.