Creative Downloads for Your Smartphone

As the owner of a smartphone or tablet device, do you feel that you are getting the best CREATIVE use out of your gadgets?

Do you find yourself throwing away crumpled pieces of paper left in your coat pocket with what could have been SABRE-worthy campaign ideas?

Or maybe you decided to take a stroll last weekend and found yourself aimlessly wondering around in search of some creative inspiration, but couldn’t find anything of interest?

Have you fallen into a routine with little motivation and need to shake it up a bit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here are a few apps to reach the maximum creative potential of your beloved tech toys.

Concept Maker

Concept Maker is the go-to iPhone toolkit for creatives ideating on-the-go. Stuck on a creative project? Check out the 70 creative starter cards to spark new ideas and concepts. Need some visual inspiration? Just click on the “Random Inspiration” feature to view thousands of images from Flickr. The app will also help you organize your ideas into folders for sharing and archiving. Ideating never looked so mobile.

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper is a sketchbook iPad app that allows creatives to capture their thoughts and ideas on digital paper that can be shared virtually or archived for later use. Writing down notes in a notepad is so 2011. With Bamboo Paper, all those creative nuggets whizzing around in your head or jotted down on hundreds of lost yellow sticky notes now have a home.


Artnear is essentially the “little black book” of art galleries. Artnear uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to locate art venues and events that are closest to your current location. Other features include a calendar of current and upcoming shows and an artist search tab for artists currently in your city. Artnear is perfect for finding some creative inspiration on the fly.

Zombies, Run!

Creatives need to exercise muscles other than their brain on occasion; and when they do, adding the threat of a zombie takeover is a great way to keep the heart pumping and those feet moving. Zombies, Run! is a smartphone running app that tells a story of a zombie apocalypse through your headphones, as you gather supplies, solve puzzles, and view documents to rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse. To play the game you actually have to go out and run around in the real world to pickup ammo, medicine, and other items in the game to build and expand your base. This is a great app to keep the mind active and add a little creative spark to a routine.