Edition 7

From exploring behaviour change to looking at life indoors, we have covered several topics in our bulletin. This week we take a closer look at influencer marketing with views from Ketchum Associate Directors Alex Marsh and Stephen Farrell. Social media has been a salvage for people trapped indoors but have the rules of the game changed and what do brands need to keep in mind during this changing time?

With COVID-19 restricting our movements, we have inevitably turned to social media for stimulation. With more people online than ever before, brands are presented with a unique opportunity to engage with influencers, allowing them to stay front of mind in our new world. Even the UK government has turned to trusted YouTubers to combat the global spread of misinformation on COVID-19.

With many people across the world on lockdown and self-isolating, the UK has seen social and digital media consumption numbers soar. In the first two weeks of April, social talent agency UOR Consultancy saw a 76% rise in daily accumulated likes on Instagram #ad posts. As brands pulled back on marketing, less branded content in the social media space meant influencers saw their engagement levels rise as there was much less competition.