Bringing Your Human to Work: A Q&A with Erica Keswin

This past week, Ketchum hosted best-selling author and coach Erica Keswin in our New York headquarters. Her book, Bring Your Human to Work, is an insightful read that offers real advice from real people on how to build a culture that puts an emphasis on flexibility and freedom and explores the notion that organizations that lean in to fostering and cultivating personal relationships inevitably have more productive, creative and loyal employees. That’s consistent with our belief at Ketchum that has led us to be known as one of the most collaborative, relationship focused companies in our business.

Before Erica hosted a larger group for a very insightful panel discussion moderated by our Chief Organizational Effectiveness Officer, Amanda Kowal Kenyon, we had the chance to sit down in my office to talk about a few of the strategies and tactics she recommends on why bringing your human to work is not only good for people, but great for business.

In the video below, we explore topics ranging from how authenticity boosts morale to the increasingly blurred lines between home and work. We talked about the difference between training and empowering employees and why we must disconnect to reconnect, including my personal mantra, which made it into the book – “never leave a vacation day on the table.”