Break Through Buzz: There’s a First Time for Everything

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Bad Taste Is in the Mouth of the Beholder
Selected by Jessica Frost


The slow-motion photography and music really help set the tone for this video of kids’ first reactions to trying new food. Naturally, it’s great inspiration for food clients, but I also think the idea of getting a pure, unfiltered reaction from kids – a la focus groups, for example – could make for a really funny video for a range of brands.

Making a Test Drive More Authentic
Selected by Anastacio Gomes


This clever activation campaign from Harley Davidson here in Brazil successfully shows how owning a Harley makes you not just another consumer, but part of an exclusive club. This type of engagement, so desirable for every brand, is constantly cultivated by Harley and strengthened by campaigns like this one.

Thinking Inside the Box
Selected by Victor Acero


This week, I discovered the work of Luc de Brabandere at the Boston Consulting Group in France, including his concept of ‘thinking in boxes.‘ Put simply, he believes we need mental boxes – models, concepts and frameworks – in order comprehend the world. In other words, it’s not so bad to “think inside the box” provided we’re creating the right boxes for ourselves. Developing new boxes focuses our minds to be creative in a focused, constructive way and points us more efficiently to potential opportunities and unexplored areas. In addition to reading his explanation of the idea in the link above, be on the lookout for de Brabandere’s new book, Thinking in New Boxes: A New Paradigm for Business Creativity, which will be on sale in September.

Laugh All the Way to Your Desk
Selected by Kirby Hosea


As someone who prefers to laugh my way through the day, I was delighted to come upon this article from Forbes highlighting why humor is important at work. From the positive relationship between humor and career advancement to humor’s connection with creative thinking, I for one will be trying to find the humor in every situation – and perhaps even test out a joke or two – more often!

Ryan Gosling’s Cereal Problem
Selected by Elizabeth Watters

051713-inspiration-goslingI love that aspiring filmmaker Ryan McHenry was sitting on his sofa, eating cereal, watching a movie when the spark hit him – and now these six-second videos are going to open all kinds of doors for him. I’m so inspired, I’m going home to sit on my sofa and eat cereal until genius hits.