Best Places to Work—Ketchum UK

Ketchum UK

For the eighth consecutive year – and the ninth year overall – the Great Places to Work Institute named Ketchum London as one of the U.K.’s top places to work. Ketchum came it at number 24 on the Institute’s annual list out of the 45 honorees in the “Medium” category.

To celebrate, we took some time to sit down with our London colleagues to ask them a few questions about their experience working at Ketchum.

What’s the best thing about working at Ketchum London, and why?

Gene Chui: The people and local area. 

Alice Cannell: My answer is always the same, but it’s because it’s true—the PEOPLE.

Nichola Welch: The friendly atmosphere and can-do attitude.

Ashleigh Brock: A great company culture, work/life balance and fun and inspiring colleagues.

What makes you laugh in the office and why?

Gene: The banter

• Alice: My pod mates, general jokes on IM.

• Ashleigh: My colleagues—they are always in great moods and it’s a reflection of the environment that they work in. It always puts me in a positive mood.

What happens at the office that you particularly enjoy and why?

Gene: Drink trolley and free toast!

Alice: Breakfast at the company meetings and the drink trolley—goes without saying.

Ashleigh: Work events—they are always fun and we’re always doing something new.

What makes the work social time fun? 

Nichola: The people. It’s always the people.

• Alice: Laughing with friends, general merriment.

• Ashleigh: Integrating across all areas means you get to meet people from all over the company and mix it up.

Why do you think Ketchum UK is a good place to work?

Gene: Good balance between work and social.

Alice: You feel so at home here, it’s such a team atmosphere.

Nichola: Because, it is fun and friendly, rewarding of its employees and a place where you can really push yourself professionally. No door is closed to you and windows of opportunity are always opened.

Ashleigh: They have a real value for work/life balance and see it as very important.

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