Best People or Best Ideas?

If you have to choose between ideas and people – which do you choose? What’s more important? To have the best ideas to solve your problem or to have the best people on your team?   
Ed Catmull, Oscar Award winner and President of the Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios has the answer: People. His reasoning makes so much sense. An incapable team can demolish any idea. But a good team can make something out of anything – even a flimsy idea.  
I think this is not only true for a company that identifies superstars in cubicles (The Incredibles, 2004), makes us fall in love with a Porsche (Cars, 2006), and helps a rat to become a haute cuisine chef (Ratatouille, 2007). It is even more important for a global communications firm with teams around the world, working in so many different environments, offices and teams.
Finding the right people for the right project is one of the most important tasks facing managers and creative directors today. And those who connect the best people inside and outside their organizations will leapfrog ahead of all the rest.