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WKNÖ Crafts & Trades: Green Jobs Campaign

The future is green! Tackling the worldwide climate crisis, everyone needs to contribute. Everyone of us yet first and foremost also domestic companies. One key driver of this necessary development are the companies and members of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKNÖ), Trade and Crafts Division. A creative social media campaign has been implemented to raise awareness and invite users to be part of the solution. Different creatives bring individual professions and the topic around Green Jobs itself to the forefront of both the broad majority and young adults. A newly created content hub landing page provides information on the economic and ecological potential of Green Jobs. Further it explains training and career opportunities for young people in the diverse professions within the Trade and Crafts sector. Aside from a paid campaign on Meta, we collaborated with a well-known creator on TikTok to present a wide range of sustainable apprenticeships and spread the word about Green Jobs to our target group of young adults.

Today there are already 43,000 employees working in Green Jobs in Lower Austria – together we are working to steadily increase this number.

Video Credit: @Eva Hlozanek / WKNÖ