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Erste Digital: How Corporate Ambassadors Drive Employer Branding on LinkedIn

On social media, the organic reach of companies is continuously declining, especially on the business relevant platform LinkedIn. That is why we have launched LEAP, the first LinkedIn Employee Ambassador Program of its kind, for Erste Digital, the IT division of Erste Group – the largest banking group in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 45,000 employees.

LEAP is a corporate influencer program that aims to empower and motivate employees to share insights about their employer based on three main pillars: empowerment, expertise, and effectivity. The ambassador program leverages the Employer Branding potential on LinkedIn by empowering and equipping employees with relevant tools and content that they can use right away.

After an open info session about the program, performed in the in-house film studio, with over 200 Erste Digital colleagues, around 80 people across all expertise fields and hierarchies registered for the program. We created an MS Teams channel to connect the ambassadors and create a space for interaction and especially questions. Besides an Ambassador Package (including LinkedIn headers, guidelines etc.) we provide them with a LEAP Newsletter, filled with the latest LinkedIn trends and hacks. The core part of the program are the training sessions, where we guide and accompany the ambassadors through their LinkedIn journey – from profile set up to content creation. A benefit for both, employer and employees.