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Enkeltaugliches Österreich Introduction of the Movement

If we do not implement measures to protect the environment, our children and our grandchildren will no longer have a world worth living in. That’s why Austria’s organic farmers, renowned researchers, sustainable companies, nature-oriented organizations and motivated private individuals have joined forces and founded the movement Enkeltaugliches Österreich – which means as much as Grandchild-fit Austria. They concentrate on four main areas: organic farming, sustainable forestry, organic products in restaurants and biodiversity of the landscape in Austria.

The aim of the movement is to build and expand the network, commit people throughout Austria and to raise awareness through joint communication.

Ketchum Austria supports Enkeltaugliches Österreich in internal and external communications from the introduction of the movement to regular media activities and google ads campaigns. In accordance with the positive spirit of the movement we rely on consistently positive communication, which always points out concrete solutions to the problems addressed.

We kicked off the communications campaign by introducing the movement through a short film for social media with the call to action to join the movement. Followed by the first contact with the press when the plants from the film were brought to key journalists. You can say we have planted the message in the minds of journalists.

Following the announcement, we communicated the first project and published the shocking results of a pesticide report. As part of this, we held a media-effective press conference.

Besides the numerous press coverage, the success of our communication work is shown on the one hand by the reactions of the lobby of conventional farmers and on the other hand by the multiple requests from journalists to the movement Enkeltaugliches Österreich.