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A Drum Solo at a height of 65 Meters

The goal of this unusual campaign was to position the launch of the new Borotalco MEN line in the media with an eye-catching PR stunt. So Borotalco called for a world record: The search was on for a drummer to play the first open-air drum solo on the Vienna Ferris Wheel at a height of 65 meters – of course while wearing the new deodorant and without even breaking a sweat. Among 50 applicants, the talented drummer Erich Blie was the convincing choice. He managed the drum solo  without breaking a sweat and is now the proud world record holder. The stunt was documented live on social media and recorded with 6 cameras. As a result of the smart combination of the application phase and a strong media presence on site, Borotalco MEN could not be overlooked.

The talented drummer Erich Blie and Borotalco MEN wrote history with a word record drum solo on the 65-meter-high Vienna Ferris Wheel