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Because there is more to do

The aim of the healthcare initiative “Because there is more to do” was to position Bristol Myers Squibb as a leading and visionary healthcare company, to strengthen its brand image and to build a long-term reputation among stakeholders. This was realized with comprehensive 360° communications support by Ketchum Publico. The first phase was defined by cross-media presence, achieved by unpaid (press releases, expert interviews) and paid (media collaborations) media relations, digital banner campaigns, Google Ad campaigns and LinkedIn activation. The LinkedIn activation involved an editorial content plan, which included content production as well as going live with targeted paid campaigns. The second phase consisted of a series of events, such as expert and stakeholder discussions, which were followed up and accompanied by media communications.

The success of the project led to a long-term contract as the communications agency for the globally active biopharmaceutical company BMS. Since 2020, we have been able to advise and support BMS in the areas of media relations, employer branding, social media management, and digital presence.



Bristol Myers Squibb