90 Years of Great Moves

Creative movesLast week was an incredibly exciting week here at Ketchum as we commemorated our 90th anniversary on Wednesday May 22nd. Since that day, I have been overwhelmed by the number of emails and other communication I have received from clients, current and former colleagues and agency partners. It gives me great pride to serve as CEO of an agency with an impressive heritage and what promises to be an even more impressive future.

In addition to using this occasion to thank our clients and  pay tribute to our founders and former employees who made us what we are today, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with our entire global network who represent the present and future of this agency.

Colleagues from offices around the world have taken part in local celebrations. Moreover, to experience our anniversary as a truly global celebration, colleagues from offices near and far ranging from London to Dubai, Hong Kong to Milan let loose and showed off their creative moves in the dance video below. The range of dance moves closely mirrors the range of values we aspire to here at Ketchum – creativity, collaboration, and diversity, among others.

Cheers to another 90 years of great moves and break through communications.