3 Tips to Connect Your Global Organization (Video)

Global organizations service clients throughout the world with diverse and talented teams and create revenue through a variety of streams. But large, cross-border talent pools require stepped-up communication and connectivity in order to work seamlessly and drive success. How can leaders think beyond the four walls of a local office and capitalize on the clear benefit of having a globally integrated team?

Here are some modern tips to ensure your global company stays connected…

1. Use social media to your advantage.
We all spend a lot of time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., so why not use these platforms to foster relationships within your organization? As author and speaker Scott Halford mentions in his work, we are innately social beings and our brains are wired to want to connect with others. With that in mind, if there is a new hire email that is sent out announcing a new group of employees, include their social handles so people can immediately connect. Another way to use social media to connect global teams is to create closed (private) Facebook groups to encourage community and conversation on a specific topic or region. Ketchum’s closed Facebook groups around digital engagement and talent are among our most active.

2. Leave your webcam on… all day.
As we all know, it is much easier to collaborate with someone when they’re down the hall, as opposed to a global team separated by oceans or time zones. There are many different ways to make communicating with global colleagues more efficient and impactful — my favorite of which is the webcam. New York-based technology company, Foursquare, is a great example of the practice in action. When they were opening up their office in San Francisco, they wanted to develop a way all of their employees could not only stay connected around the clock, but to do it in a way that felt as if they were in one location. They created “The Portal,” a videoconference system with a large high-definition screen that is on all day. This screen, centrally located in both offices, allows professionals to walk directly up to the live feed and start a conversation with someone on the other end as if you were doing so in your own office. Daily standup meetings and impromptu discussions are held around “The Portal” enabling real-time connection and a more free-flowing exchange of ideas. How cool is that?!

3. Create idea-exchange programs for global talent
To create a borderless, connected global organization, employees must work together and truly get to know each other (click to tweet). The best global talent programs connect colleagues and allow for a bi-directional exchange of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Ketchum has many global talent programs; among them is our recently launched Global Scholar Program. This flagship talent exchange program provides colleagues from around the world the opportunity to visit and work within a different Ketchum office. It offers participants the unique chance to develop their career and build their global network while helping Ketchum further integrate our geographies, practice areas and corporate brand. To learn more about the program check out #ketchumscholar on all social channels and watch our 2015 launch video below!