Mastercard: Priceless Tables Program

Mastercard was relaunching Priceless Cities in Canada and needed to drive awareness of and engagement with the platform. Within the Priceless Cities platform, Priceless Tables represent the epitome of a Priceless experience – an extraordinary culinary event, only for Mastercard cardholders.

The event was a modern winter wonderland, with Nutcrackers and Sugarplum Fairies who greeted guests, and ballerinas who brought the magic of the Nutcracker to life between courses. We partnered with a high-profile designer and chef, who have residency on The Marilyn Denis Show, to bring the table design and culinary experience to life, and to amplify the event through earned media coverage and social media influencers.

We successfully achieved our objectives by securing a 6-minute earned segment of the Priceless Table event on The Marilyn Denis Show during its highest-rated Holiday episodes. page views rose 75% the day the show aired and 50% the next day. Awareness of Priceless also increased post-event.