The need to be trauma informed

The pandemic. Acts of violence and hate against marginalized communities. Increasing rates of drug addiction and abuse. Climate change. War. Women’s rights. LGBTQ+ rights. Inflation. New public health threats.

In this always-on, and often volatile news cycle, one thing is clear:

The world is suffering from collective trauma.

Trauma is defined as a psychological injury that affects performance and wellbeing. Click here to learn more about trauma on The Society of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website. Communities, businesses, and governments must address trauma head-on. It is imperative to take a deliberate, focused look at how trauma impacts the workforce, consumers, key communities – and the global economy.

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Today, more than ever, it’s imperative to have an empathy-first mindset and bring a deliberate, thoughtful approach.

In that, true to Ketchum’s principles, we’ve built a Trauma-Informed Consultancy to respond to these seismic societal shifts.

In our work as communicators, strategists, and counselors to our global clients, we must bring a humanizing, empathetic, trauma-informed lens to our work to meet today’s many challenges.

So, together, we are uniquely equipped to partner across all industries to meet today’s challenges.

We have curated a team of multidisciplinary consultants with the expertise required to directly factor in the impact of trauma today – and keep up with future shifts. Starting first with our people and then tapping into our credentialed partners to create frameworks and resources for the clients we serve.

We’ve made the commitment and investment to become trauma-informed and have kickstarted a series of trainings, workshops, and resources to support our people.

Our Trauma Informed Consultancy sits at the intersections of public health, employee communications, change management and corporate communications.


For more information on how to be trauma-informed, please contact us.

Our Experts

Kate Licastro PhD

Clinical and Organizational Psychologist

Author of The Empathetic Workplace
Former Senior Attorney Advisor, Executive Office for United States Attorneys

Clinical Social Worker and Lecturer, Columbia University School of Social Work

News and Information

Katharine Manning, Ketchum partner and author of The Empathetic Workplace,
discusses how to create trauma-informed work and workplaces in a Q&A with PRovoke Media.