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Ketchum works with great brands from all around the world, and we pride ourselves on break through work that delivers results. Browse the case studies below, which kick off with some of the cases that won at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In 2017 Ketchum won 26 Cannes Lions, the most lions of any PR firm.

  • #NuggsForCarter


    Wendy’s #NuggsForCarter

    Wendy’s - #NuggsForCarter

    How many re-tweets would it take to earn a year’s supply of Wendy’s chicken nuggets?
  • Smart City Life 2030

    Smart City Life 2030

    Philips – Smart City Life 2030

    Philips – Smart City Life 2030

    How innovative connected LED lighting technology will transform the lives of city dwellers.
  • Kit Kat® Thief

    Kit Kat® Thief

    To Catch a Kit Kat® Thief

    To Catch a Kit Kat® Thief

    One tweet from the victim of an unusual theft.
  • Amazon Warriors

    Amazon Warriors

    Ananse - Amazon Warriors Safe Collection

    Amazon Warriors Safe Collection

    Mosquito-repelling children’s toys.
  • Care Counts

    Care Counts

    Whirlpool - Care Counts

    Whirlpool - Care Counts

    The simple act of giving children increased access to clean clothes improved attendance among 90 percent of tracked at-risk students.
  • Scott® 1000 Road Trip

    Scott® 1000 Road Trip

    Scott® 1000 Road Trip

    Scott® 1000 Road Trip

    How far would a roll of Scott® 1000 take you – literally?
  • Gestures of Care

    Gestures of Care

    Kleenex – Gestures of Care

    Kleenex – Gestures of Care

    Positioning Kleenex as a facilitator of empathy.
  • Twitter Beef

    Twitter Beef

    Wendy's - Twitter Beef

    Twitter Beef

    When a Twitter follower accused Wendy’s of lying about its “fresh, never frozen beef,” claim, the brand responded so cleverly that Ketchum saw an opportunity to turn “Twitter Beef” into headline news.
  • No Smear Election

    No Smear Election

    Maytag® Brand - No Smear Election

    Maytag® Brand - No Smear Election

    New fingerprint resistant kitchen appliances inspire online movement to keep things clean.
  • #Cupfusion


    Reese’s Pieces - Creating #Cupfusion

    Creating #Cupfusion

    A candy lover’s dream come true, or just another Internet hoax?
  • #TossTheTube


    #TossTheTube forever with Scott Naturals

    Scott Naturals® “#TossTheTube”

    Ketchum and Kimberly-Clark asked individuals to #TossTheTube by creating a real 1,000-pound three-story replica of the Empire State Building made completely from TP tubes and installed it in New York City.
  • Bosch “#LoveMyFridge”

    Bosch “#LoveMyFridge”

    Bosch Cool Classic roll-out

    Bosch “#LoveMyFridge”

    What kind of relationships do consumers have with their refrigerators? Ketchum and Bosch asked that question in 12 countries and 6 languages to help the brand rejuvenate its kitchen staple with a bigger, younger, and more global audience.
  • Get Your Billion Back

    Get Your Billion Back

    H&R Block “Get Your Billion Back."

    H&R Block “Get Your Billion Back”

    Inaccuracies in 2013 on self-prepared tax returns contributed to $1 billion the Internal Revenue Service held in unclaimed tax refunds. Ketchum helped H&R Block call attention to this with the “Get Your Billion Back America” campaign.
  • Friboi “Special Christmas”

    Friboi “Special Christmas”

    The transformational power of cooking.

    Friboi “Special Christmas”

    How do you inspire the Brazilian masses? Through the transformational power of cooking and sharing food. Ketchum and Friboi partnered with Special Chefs, a local organization that uses gastronomy to inspire Brazilians with Down Syndrome, to create Friboi’s “
  • Post NL “DJ Stamps”

    Post NL “DJ Stamps”

    World renowned DJ postage stamps.

    Post NL “DJ Stamps”

    Ketchum and PostNL teamed up with world renowned electronic DJ legends for the distribution of the “DJ Stamps.”
  • Street Art in Milkland

    Street Art in Milkland

    Making milk relevant through street art.

    Street Art in Milkland

    When Ketchum and the Bavarian Diary Association launched the “Milkland Bavaria is Being Multi-Colored” competition, dairy farmers teamed up with some of Germany’s best street artists, who met the challenge to create huge “street art” paintings on farms
  • “Stephansplatz Stink”

    “Stephansplatz Stink”

    An odor makover for a stinky subway.

    “Stephansplatz Stink” (Scent & the City)

    Below Vienna’s breathtaking central square Stephansplatz, lies a railway station known for stinking something awful. Ketchum asked the question, “Could Stephansplatz be deodorized?"
  • “Hunger Free Summer"

    “Hunger Free Summer"

    ConAgra shines a light on summer hunger.

    ConAgra Foods “Hunger Free Summer”

    To shine a light on the difficult issue of “summer hunger” and ConAgra Foods’ commitment to getting meals to kids when they need them most, Ketchum partnered with the company (and a charismatic 10-year-old Kid President) to create a feel-good YouTube video
  • Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

    Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

    Wendy's teamed up with Nick Lachey.

    Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

    To launch Wendy’s new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, Wendy’s partnered with crooner Nick Lachey.
  • BUND's Tree Concert.

    BUND's Tree Concert.

    A tree concert to raise awareness.

    BUND's Tree Concert

    If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound? What if a tree makes sounds that everyone hears -- would fewer trees fall? This was the question Ketchum sought to answer when it teamed up with BBDO Proximity Berlin and a creative pool of artists
  • Saving Olympic Wrestling

    Saving Olympic Wrestling

    KSE & CPOW keep wrestling in Olympics

    KSE Helps Save Olympic Wrestling

    KSE teamed up with the Committee to Preserve Olympic Wrestling (CPOW) to lead the fight for wrestling to remain part of the Olympic Program.
  • Phonak & Iron Man

    Phonak & Iron Man

    Drive Hearing Health

    Phonak & Iron Man Drive Hearing Health

    Ketchum helped Phonak spread an educational message about the positive benefits of wearing hearing aids through a partnership with Marvel Comics. The effort resulted in 118 million worldwide impressions and a wave of orders globally for the Phonak/Iron Man
  • Farting to Stardom

    Farting to Stardom

    Distrupting an industry with flatulence.

    Bayer Lefax: Farting To Stardom

    Visual storytelling is engrained in our thinking, which is what allowed us to create an animated video about a flatulence drug. Not only did the video go viral, it was truly disruptive for the healthcare environment.
  • Cookie CAREavan

    Cookie CAREavan

    DoubleTree by Hilton Cookie CAREavan

    DoubleTree by Hilton Cookie CAREavan

    Hilton DoubleTree leveraged a cookie CAREavan tour in ite brand re-launch to build brand awareness and tell its growth story.
  • Cottonelle Great Debate

    Cottonelle Great Debate

    Do you roll over or under?

    Cottonelle Great Debate

    In a provocative campaign for Cottonelle, Ketchum disrupted consumers’ “all toilet paper is the same” notion with “The Great Debate” commercial program, focused on the humorous and relevant “Do you roll over or under?” debate.
  • IBM at 100

    IBM at 100

    It was all about innovation.

    IBM at 100

    Ketchum teamed up with IBM to turn the company's 100-year anniversary into a springboard for the future, instead of a nostalgic look at the past.
  • Supporting Special Olympics

    Supporting Special Olympics

    Apolo Ohno tours China.

    Supporting Special Olympics & Apolo Ohno

    Ketchum supported the Special Olympics Global Ambassador and the most decorated American Winter Olympics athlete - Apolo Ohno on his tour of China to promote the 2013 Special Olympic World Games.
  • PlayStation: UNCHARTED 3

    PlayStation: UNCHARTED 3

    A sales-record shattering campaign.

    PlayStation: The Nathan Drake Half-Tuck

    In partnership with Sony PlayStation, Ketchum supported the “Half-Tuck” campaign for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, resulting in a headline-making pop culture sensation. Coverage helped shatter sales records with more than 3.8million games sold on launch day