Join us for the Data Distrust and Consumer Action Webinar for communicators and marketers, a 45-minute session featuring findings and insights from Ketchum’s latest Social Permission and Technology study — and what it means for your business.
Hosted by Ketchum’s technology and reputation experts, Melissa Kinch, Partner and Managing Director, Technology and Lisa Sullivan, Partner and Director, Technology, you’ll learn about:
  • Why data privacy is just as important as cybersecurity to consumers — and how consumers are increasingly differentiating between the two
  • Why you should be targeting Techruptors, a tech-savvy subset of consumers who are increasingly taking action to protect themselves from data privacy and security issues
  • The importance of the Tech Sandwich Generation, a group of consumers concerned about technology’s negative impact on their children and their elderly parents/grandparents — and themselves
  • How communicators can help prepare their organizations for advanced levels of scrutiny or even consumer activism
To register for the webinar, please sign up below. Trouble signing up or need more information? Email Lisa Sullivan.