We can end child illiteracy in our time.

R2R room to read

Across the world, millions of children can’t read or write – leaving them and their communities at a huge disadvantage. Global charity Room to Read is fighting to transform their lives through literacy and gender equality in education.

Through their programs, they have helped 16.8 million children in 16 countries around the world unlock their full potential.

Ending illiteracy will spark solutions to other global issues. Research and their 19 years of experience have shown that the benefits of education range from reducing poverty to improving health outcomes to positive environmental impacts, all due to increased knowledge and better decision-making.

Achieving this goal requires raising awareness of their incredible work and increasing donations to expand their programs and reach more children. That’s why they have partnered with this year’s Cannes Young Lions Marketers Competition to tap the best young marketing minds for new and creative solutions.

Over just 24 hours, the 26 participating teams in the competition are tasked to come up with a campaign tied to the company they work for and present it to a jury led by Ketchum’s Hilary Hanson McKean. The three best ideas will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, and Room to Read will be empowered to turn their campaigns into reality.

As a sponsor of the Young Marketers competition and a longtime partner of Room to Read, Ketchum is very proud to bring these amazing groups together during Cannes and see how they can change the world together.

A problem like this can’t be solved alone.

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