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At Ketchum we are in business to change the way people think. To think of amazing ideas that can't help but get noticed, and execute them flawlessly to make sure we make an impact on how our clients' brands are perceived in the market. In order to deliver the right team and ensure award-winning results for our clients, we depend on the deep expertise and diversity of our services.

However your brand defines its purpose, at Ketchum we believe companies have an opportunity to showcase progress, successes – and even address challenges in a responsible, factual and honest manner.

Bill Reihl shares Marketing to Men insights
We know what’s trending. We understand what makes people engage and take notice. The result? Expertise in how to earn the public’s attention.

Daggerwing Group is a global management consultancy helping executives accelerate growth by optimizing the intersection of business goals, customer needs and employee experience.

Corporate reputation is hard won and easily eroded. Our intelligence, insights and counsel help visionary leaders make informed decisions.
We understand that food is far more than a necessity of life, which is why food companies, brands, agricultural businesses and commodity groups look to us to shape opinion, change perceptions, and build sales.
Ketchum Digital
Our depth of expertise includes digital, social and content strategists; video and interactive producers; graphic designers, technology gurus and more.
Healthcare is as fractured as is it complex. Regulatory changes abound and the spectrum of influencers has never been broader. We understand each industry sector and how the “parts” form a mosaic whole.
From behind-the-scenes enabler to front-and-center phenomenon, technology is as widely discussed today as food, health or relationships, touching every age, gender and geography.