North America PR Internship/Fellow Opportunities

What’s it like?

As a Summer Fellow at Ketchum, you will spend nine jam-packed weeks working in the middle of the action. Our Summer Fellows work 40 hours per week during the program. As a Spring or Fall Intern, you will spend up to 20 hours per week working at Ketchum. Ketchum Fellows attend in-house trainings, serve as active members of account teams, and act as influential players in their group’s Summer Fellows project.

What do former Fellows have to say about the program?

Here are some direct quotes from our former Fellows on the Ketchum work environment:

“There is no other Fellows Program that could have better prepared me for ‘the real thing.’ I was able to fully immerse myself into a real work culture, be part of a dynamic account team, work for one of the company’s biggest clients, and also work on our own business pitch. While very challenging at times, the combination of the team project and account work afforded me the best opportunity to work with employees across the different practices and across the agency. I could not have asked for a better Summer Fellows Program!”

“I’ve participated in several brainstorms here and I have been astonished by the ideas that come out of them. What inspires me more than the sheer magnitude of creativity (and candy) in the room at any time is the process. The idea that creativity can be nurtured and developed and turned into impactful, profitable ideas is thrilling.”

“Ketchum has a very laid-back atmosphere, yet everyone has so much ambition. Offices are filled with many upbeat, friendly and hard-working people.”

“It is refreshing to work in such a fun, energetic corporate culture. I was impressed by all the young talent at Ketchum.”

“I could tell right away that Ketchum’s enthusiasm for and dedication to their internship program would create an experience I would enjoy being a part of.”

How do I apply?

Each office has specific criteria that need to be met to be considered. Please visit the Ketchum Opportunities page for current listings in each office. You will receive an email acknowledgment upon successful submission of your resume. Because we cannot contact every applicant individually, only those who are being considered will be contacted by one of our recruiters.

How long does an internship at Ketchum last?

The length of an internship varies from office to office, but on average our Summer Fellows are with us for nine weeks.

Will I receive academic credits or a paid Fellows Program/internship?

Our programs are paid. Ketchum will work with students to arrange academic credit where appropriate. Wages vary by office.

What are the Fellows program application deadlines?

The deadline for internship applications varies and is determined by the office to which you apply. Please review the Ketchum Opportunities page for specific details.

  • The 2023 Summer Fellows Program application will open on December 14, 2022, and close on January 3, 2023, at 9 p.m. EST.
  • Candidates who meet the qualifying criteria will receive an invitation to play Launchpad on January 3, 2023, and they will have until January 11, 2023 to answer the brief questions on the platform.
  • Launchpad will reopen on January 13, 2023 for the gamified component, where candidates will vote and interact with each other’s briefs for points.

What is the interview process?

The interview process for internships will vary by office. Once contacted, you will be advised on the local program particulars. All applicants should apply online. We do our best to get back to all students in a timely fashion. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail only if your application is being considered.

Can I apply to more than one Ketchum office?

There will be one job opening for our Summer Fellows Program that will list all Ketchum offices that are accepting Summer Fellows. When applying, you will be able to choose your top two locations.

How many Fellows does Ketchum hire?

The number of Fellows Ketchum hires is determined by the need within each office and will vary from year to year.

What about housing?

It is the responsibility of the Fellow to secure housing accommodations before their start date. However, each office can provide you with basic information on local housing options. Making arrangements will be left to the Fellow’s discretion.

Can international students apply and obtain a visa through Ketchum?

We welcome international students to apply to our program but, unfortunately, we do not have a visa assistance program in place at this time.

What makes Ketchum different from other Fellows Programs?

Our Fellows Program will allow you to experience the PR profession firsthand. For 9 weeks, you will be a part of a Ketchum account team — serving your clients and agency, billing time, and working hard. Our program is filled with many networking and training opportunities, too.

What kind of work will I do?

Fellows work daily with clients and account team members. A Fellows day may consist of attending client and team meetings, participating in agency events, writing client and team materials, assisting with research for new business opportunities and client presentations, participating in brainstorms and assisting with event coordination.

Where can I go to read more information about the public relations industry?

Please reference one of these sites: