Edition 4

In a week when COVID-19 delivered its latest plot twist, with prime minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care to help manage worsening symptoms of the virus, the grave reality of COVID-19 is a continual reminder. These shifting external events will naturally affect anxiety levels as media coverage of COVID-19 becomes inescapable, and the financial realities set in for individuals and businesses.

However, striking the right tone with media has never been more important. An article published in The New York Times this week couldn’t have made this clearer, offering a stark warning to brands:“at a time of death counts and soaring unemployment and improvised hospitals? A single ill-considered post on social media could result in tar and feathers — both for companies and for brand-name people.”

Now more than ever, defining a communications strategy has never been more critical. From ensuring there are no skeletons in your corporate cupboard which might surface and cause irrecoverable reputational damage, to ensuring ideas and messages are tested for tone, relevance and suitability. Now is not the time for communications negligence.