We’re in the Midst of a Brand Reckoning

Consumers today are coping with a crisis culture brought about by COVID-19 and social justice issues.

In mid-June – three months into the U.S. pandemic – Ketchum surveyed 3,000-plus Americans to gauge their openness to reengaging with the outside world and the degree to which this nonstop disruption has redefined their values.

The results reveal dramatic shifts that brands need to understand. In addition, Ketchum showed that consumers can be divided into four distinct types.

How has the crisis culture changed consumers? Are these changes permanent? What should brands do to innovate and avoid becoming irrelevant? Sign up on the right to download the executive summary.

Learn more about the consumer survey and related insights

Read the Brand Reckoning 2020 press release. Discover recent client work showing brands moving forward as they navigate disruption. Listen to Ketchum leaders from Asia, Europe and the U.S share thoughts on the evolving consumer set. Keep up with trends and insights by subscribing to our blog.


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