Google Russia: Mendeleev Explains

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the development of the periodic table of chemical elements by legendary Russian scientist Dimitri Mendeleev, Google Russia and Mendeleev University got experimental. They paired experts from two polar-opposite worlds – renowned Russian scientists and the country’s most popular YouTube lifestyle bloggers – to create innovative chemistry content. Together they launched Mendeleev Explains, a new YouTube channel dedicated to making the subject of chemistry approachable and relevant through entertaining videos showing millennials how chemistry is part of everyday life.

The initiative engaged 20 bloggers (six with 1+ million subscribers) and more than 30 scientists to appear in videos and share their expertise with viewers, all at no charge. The channel also included a provocative video discussion of the table of elements that exposed visitors to scientific concepts in a sticky and sharable way – one the traditional science classroom simply hasn’t been able to deliver.

Over the first four weeks of the campaign, Ketchum and our client inserted chemistry into Russia’s daily news cycle, demonstrating that chemistry can be fascinating and relevant versus dangerous or scary. Fifty-one publications carried in-depth articles and special selections of the videos, creating 17+ million impressions. More than 3,000 users subscribed to the channel in just the first two days of the project, with videos viewed 180,000+ times in just eight weeks. A variety of social media channels published a total 108 posts with a reach of two million. And Mendeleev University increased its brand ranking from the 49-50th position to 26th among Russian universities after launch.