Women in Investment, Investing in Women: The Power of Women Working in and Interested in Finance

The number of women in finance has been growing, both in terms of those joining the financial sector professionally and the number investing—so why are there not more women in senior level positions? And why are financial products still largely aimed at men? This Women’s History Month, with the light shining on inequalities women face, it is clear financial institutions need to actively do more to help attract, support and retain female workers and consumers by understanding their unique needs and challenges. In a recent panel discussion, Ketchum’s SVP and Managing Director of Financial and Professional Services, Becca Cooper, spoke with industry experts about the growing role of women in finance and how businesses need to start paying more attention to their potential power by creating better opportunities, cultures, and products and services, which will not only help their bottom line but will ultimately help to create a more equal society. 

Watch the recording of our Women in Investing, Investing in Women panel, or read a summary of the discussion.

Topics covered included: 

  • COVID-19 and the economic impact on women 
  • Why women are still overlooked in the financial sector 
  • The Four Ps for advancing women – Pipelining, Practice, Pay and Promotion  
  • Emotional intelligence and the role it can and should play in finance   
  • Risks for financial institutions if they don’t build more inclusive workplaces and products for women 
  • What the world looks like when women lead financial roles and decisions 



Becca Cooper
SVP, Managing Director, Financial & Professional Services

Reshma Kapadia

Reshma Kapadia
Associate Editor
Barron’s Magazine

Amanda Pullinger

Amanda Pullinger
100 Women in Finance



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Becca Cooper

Becca Cooper recently returned to Ketchum as SVP and managing director of Ketchum’s Financial & Professional Services. Based in New York, she is responsible for leading Ketchum’s team of Financial & Professional Services consultants across North America to deliver creative integrated communications designed to meet clients’ continually evolving needs.