What Comes After DE&I? An Uncomfortable Discussion About Improving the Workplace

Belonging is an important part of Ketchum’s DNA—our goal is to make sure that everyone who works here feels safe and supported. For years, we’ve encouraged this through frank, open dialogue in programs like our internal “Real Talk” series, which brings Ketchum employees together with external thought leaders to discuss important issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion the workplace.

Recently, with our partners at Harrison & Shriftman, we hosted a talk that took us further out of our comfort zone than usual. Entitled “Why DE&I Will Not Be Enough to Save Corporate America,” the session featured panelists from Ketchum, H&S and ReFrame discussing the ways that the conversations and initiatives we’ve been engaged in are only the first step toward creating lasting change in the business world. It was a provocative, eye-opening and often inspiring discussion, and we’re pleased to share a few of the video highlights with you here.

Conversations like these are never easy, but the willingness to have them openly and honestly can help pave the way to actions that make a difference. I’m proud that we were able to convene this group to shake up our thinking and give many of us some fresh insights. These discussions will continue, and we’ll plan to keep sharing what we learn; in the meantime, please take a look at our Anti-Racism Resource Guide for more ways that you can educate yourself and advocate for change right now.