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Well-th: Branding Wellness in the Workplace Report Highlights the Changing Corporate Health and Wellness Landscape and How Brands and Companies Can Make the Most of Them

Wellness today is a personal priority, a community necessity and increasingly part of a company’s corporate social responsibility, to help protect employee health and enhance productivity.

  • Workplace wellness programs can generate medical cost savings of about $3.27 and absenteeism-related savings of about $2.73 for every dollar invested.
  • Programs that contain fitness components have reduced employer healthcare costs by 20-55 percent.
  • By reducing just one health risk factor, a person’s productivity on the job increases by 9 percent and absenteeism is reduced by 2 percent.[1]

Today, employees make up the largest wellness consumer audience for brands that want to be partners in the pursuit for wellness. Ketchum’s Well-Connected specialty – a communications team with brand, food and health experience – created Well-th to pinpoint key trends in workplace wellness that companies and brands can leverage to appeal to this growing health sector, regardless of whether they compete in a health-related industry. To do so, they should:

  • Identify ways to integrate with or establish their own workplace wellness solution that fits within the wellness needs of organizations.
  • Determine how to become partners with smaller companies that carry a larger burden to provide simple wellness solutions.
  • Look at core attributes and pinpoint how to be part of a holistic solution. Just because a company is not a traditional health and wellness brand, does not mean it can’t provide health and wellness benefits. For example, many studies show that laughter has positive health benefits, so brands like FunnyorDie.com can play a role in overall health and wellness.

By making health more efficient, a brand will go a long way in establishing credibility, building trust and ultimately creating an ongoing dialogue with employers that will cascade into the consumer audience.

Well-th: Branding Wellness in the Workplace is a follow-up to Ketchum Well-Connected’s inaugural Well-th report, published in 2012, which outlined the ways technology is changing the individual pursuit for wellness.

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[1] Gallup, ACSM, American Heart Association and PreventDisease.com