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We are living in a time when the values of both society and individual sei-katsu-sha (“consumers with a heartbeat”) are dramatically changing. What is the role of an advertising agency during these times? More importantly, how do we provide the innovations the age demands?

Hakuhodo's answer is to strengthen our commitment to the philosophies that have supported our business for decades: sei-katsu-sha insight and client relationships built on partnership. By applying these core philosophies in new ways, we have begun to reinvent ourselves as a new kind of advertising agency. As always, we remain focused on delivering higher growth to our clients, while creating new life experiences for sei-katsu-sha.

In 2007, the Hakuhodo DY group announced the development of Engagement Ring™, a new communication model tailored to the sei-katsu-sha “Driven Society” that we foresee as the dominant cultural phenomenon in the coming years. Engagement Ring enables Hakuhodo to maneuver deftly amid the revolutionary changes engulfing the media and communication environments, and to relate these changes in a meaningful way to sei-katsu-sha.

In May 2008, we expressed our vision in a new visual identity with a punctuation mark we have dubbed the Big Colon. It comprises two vertically aligned red squares, which represent Hakuhodo's presence in society. Just as this punctuation mark establishes a relationship between two things, the Big Colon symbolizes our role linking Business: Business. Sei-katsu-sha: Business. Sei-katsu-sha: Media.

And just as a colon serves to focus attention on a subject, the Big Colon represents our ability to create buzz around our clients and their brands.