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It’s one of marketing’s great riddles, that people fifty and older spend about $3.2 TRILLION a year and are often either patronized, ridiculed or ignored completely. They are the richest and most activist generation in history and yet they are still waiting for brands to get past clichéd stereotypes and talk to them like the real people they are.

Recent work by Ketchum 50+: Pfizer

At Ketchum, we’ve been studying this under-valued market and understand how to connect with them. As a result we launched Ketchum 50+, a specialist team of Ketchum experts in the language, imagery, ideas, preferences and media that will engage Americans 50+. To enrich our expertise we’re also working with partners (the leading online community for women age 45+) and maslansky + partners (a top message strategy consulting firm with 50+ expertise). Together we can help brands shape, test and deliver communication campaigns that hit the right note with the longevity generation. One thing our research has proved to us is that if you connect the way this demographic wants; they will reward brands with purchase consideration and loyalty.

In 2015, we released eye-opening, stereotype-busting research that supports the work of our 50-plus experts called the Ketchum 50+ ReMovement Study. It found that contrary to traditional thinking, this demographic isn’t blindly brand loyal and would rather switch to brands that have earned their consideration and loyalty than settle for ones that they’ve used in the past. This is one implication of what Ketchum calls a “ReMovement” as one in three Americans age 50-plus reassess many aspects of their lives and remove relationships, behaviors and brands they no longer see as enhancing the lives they want to live

Based on the results of the ReMovement Study, Ketchum 50+ identified Ten Ways brands can connect with 50-plus “ReMovers.”

For year two, we partnered with Ketchum Sports & Entertainment (KSE) and expanded our research to explore what, how and why experiences and activities keep this target connected, engaged, and doing what they love – as well as how brands can play a role. We also examined how relationships and need states are connected to these experiences.

What we found was the 50+ years are not only characterized by a ReMovement, but an intense curiosity. We call it this phenomenon, WonderLust.

WonderLust is the optimistic, curious spirit that characterizes 50+ who actively seek out experiences that offer self-improvement, spiritual connections, deepened relationships, new lands conquered, opportunities to give back to community and society, and moments that surprise, amaze and awe – often simply by feeding a lust for wonder.

Based on the results of The WonderLust Report, Ketchum 50+ and KSE identified Ten Ways marketers can better branded experiences.