Issues and Crisis Management

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Issues and Crisis Management

From activist campaigns to industrial accidents, doing business in the big leagues makes serious issues inevitable. How companies respond can separate the leaders from the pack.

We have helped clients anticipate reputational vulnerabilities, built world-class global issues and crisis response systems, and provided strategic communications counsel for a wide variety of issues and crisis situations in virtually every industry.

Our crisis-management capabilities include:

  • Strategic counsel and on-site crisis management support
  • Message development
  • Media relations
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Reputation threat assessments
  • Simulations and training
  • Stakeholder research
  • Crisis assessment and mitigation
  • Preparedness planning
  • Media training

Our issues management capabilities:

  • Issue identification and escalation forecasting
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership message development and positioning
  • Activist campaign management
  • NGO engagement
  • Constituency relations and ally development
  • Litigation communications

In addition, we regularly partner with other Ketchum counselors specializing in:

  • Public affairs and government relations
  • Financial communications
  • Social media/digital strategy development
  • Employee communications and change management