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Want to learn more about what our Summer Fellows Program is like? Check out the video below.

"This isn't a making copies and picking up coffee kind of internship." - Natalie

Are you passionate about your education and career? Are you enthusiastic? Do you thrive in a team environment? Are you interested in exploring the opportunities afforded those who work for a top global public relations firm? If you answered "yes" to the above questions and have what it takes to work in the fast-paced world of communications, read on to find out how you can kick start your career at Ketchum.

We look for diverse candidates with strong writing capabilities, intellectual curiosity, awareness (and perhaps obsession) with current trends, impeccable multitasking abilities, an interest in digital, savvy with social media and a strong work ethic. Candidates should also be eager to learn and willing to go above and beyond.

Why Ketchum? Why PR? Hear from some of our former Summer Fellows…

Emily Rodriguez, Intern, San Francisco

Emily Rodriguez
Intern, San Francisco

“Ketchum gave me the opportunity to work with the smartest people in the industry at every level. Every day I learned something new and got hands-on experience that I could not have received anywhere else.”

Amber Port, Account Coordinator, NY

Amber Port
Account Coordinator, NY

“Launchpad was a wonderful application process because it gave you the chance to really show your personality through something interactive rather than just a resume.”

Grace Ahlering, Account Coordinator, Chicago

Grace Ahlering
Account Coordinator, Chicago

“I absolutely love working at Ketchum. From the first day I started the Summer Fellows Program, I knew that I had found a special workplace where I would be surrounded by driven, smart, and talented PR professionals. I was quickly immersed into my teams and given real responsibilities- I quickly felt like a valued member of the team. Not only that, but my colleagues have proven to be valuable mentors as I start my public relations career. They have all been more than willing to meet with me to share their own career paths and industry advice. I’m happy to say that I was recently given the opportunity to join Ketchum full-time, and I cannot imagine starting my PR career anywhere else.”

Sean Judkins-Boeri, Account Executive, San Francisco

Sean Judkins-Boeri
Account Executive, San Francisco

“As a Summer Fellow, you experience what it’s like to work at a highly dynamic agency. The program will equip you with the skills necessary to excel as a communications professional while having some fun along the way.”



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