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Oil. Wind. Natural gas. Algae. Each constitutes energy in this day and age. Advancements in energy technology need to be supported by equally advanced communications.

A Ketchum employee taking a tour of a wind farm.

To keep pace, energy companies must navigate the increasingly complex ways in which we access, share and act on information. The stakes are high. Let Ketchum Energy help guide you.

We understand your stakeholders. We speak their language. With more than 50 senior energy specialists consulting across the globe, we’re expert at designing and executing the content, channels and cadence that move the needle from awareness to action.

Ketchum Energy helps clients meet today’s complex communications challenges across:

  • Reputation and risk management
  • Issues and crisis communication
  • Public and regulatory affairs
  • News and social media
  • Executive training and visibility 

Want to be more authentic, approachable, engaged?  Ketchum Energy will get you there.