This Week’s Inspiration: Monsters and Mortality

Check out some of the most eye-catching campaigns and inspiring innovations shared throughout the past week by members of our global Creative Community.

Matriculation for Monsters
Selected by Brandi Smith

To promote its upcoming movie, Monsters University, Disney and Pixar created a parody university website. With lavish attention to detail to every aspect of the college experience, you’ll see monster sororities and fraternities, faux courses, a campus map and store! This is a great way to bring the movie experience to life online and garner pre-publicity for this summer movie release.

An Animated Brush With Death
Selected by Anastacio Gomes

This animation is the fantastic blend of different techniques, which ranges from origami to traditional cartoon. The colors, drawing style and composition were very well chosen to match and enhance the plot. It also provides a nice warm-up for Django Unchained, from Quentin Tarantino.

Rich Stories for Your Eyes
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

Taken on their own, these pictures from the New York Times opinion pages over the past year are masterworks of illustration. But view them as complements to the stories they accompany, and they become examples of visual storytelling at its finest. Encompassing a range of styles and subject matter – including a surprising number of animated GIFs – this slide show provides dozens of approaches to encapsulating complicated ideas in bold, exciting forms.

Taco Bell Goes Into the Bathing-Suit Business
Selected by Amy Jackson

Right before Christmas, teenage swimmer Ryan Klarner posted on Taco Bell’s Facebook page with an offbeat request – a Taco Bell-branded speedo adorned with the company slogan “Think outside the bun.” Last week, Taco Bell responded to his post asking for his size and address. While it’s impossible to respond to every comment or request, in 2013 there will likely be more creative brand engagement on Facebook that revolves around personalization for the consumer.