This Week’s Inspiration: Choices, Choices, Choices…

Check out some of the most eye-catching campaigns and inspiring innovations shared throughout the past week by members of our global Creative Community.

Three Tools to Tackle Overwhelming Choices
Selected by
Sarah Unger

pic 1
The overwhelming choices we face (created by the massive amounts of information we absorb) are increasingly causing “choice anxiety.” Psychology experts are reporting back that indecisiveness causes major unhappiness. No surprise that solutions are popping up, like the three digital tools featured in this link. Can we help clients point consumers to the right ‘choice’ with our programming?

Pulling Water From the Air
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

pic 3

We often hear about organizations that use advertising and PR to benefit the social good – but it’s rare that the advertisement itself IS the social good. That’s exactly the case with this billboard in Peru, which captures air humidity and turns it into drinkable water in a region with very little rainfall, while simultaneously serving as a calling card attracting potential students to the country’s University of Engineering and Technology. Clever and constructive make a great combination – how else can we use the actual mediums we work in to provide a direct benefit?

ATMs Dispense Free Cash – With a Catch
Selected by Jennifer Nelson

pic 4

For its ‘Share Happiness’ campaign, Coca-Cola set up various ATMs throughout Spain labeled ‘El Cajero de la Felicidad’ (‘The ATM of Happiness’), which dispensed 100 euros free of charge – provided the receivers shared their unexpected gift with others. Typically a marketing stunt is simply just a cool but fleeting event, but by requiring consumers to ‘pay it forward,’ this campaign is far more memorable because it requires the goodwill of the participants to make it come alive?

“That Money Looks Great on You!”
Selected by Alastair Sibley

pic 5

Jewelry designer Lauren Vanessa Tickle uses her work to ask interesting questions about the role of money in our lives. It’s thought-provoking stuff – though I personally keep getting stuck on the thought of “I wonder what else I can cut up and glue back together,” the way this project reinvents things that we’re not used to seeing repurposed in fragments holds some interesting lessons for how brands can play with familiar imagery.