There’s No Season, But There Is a Reason – The Year-round Wellness Economy

With Labor Day weekend quickly approaching, it’s a chance for many of us to recharge and reset. It’s also the symbolic end of summer. While no one follows the age-old rule of “no wearing white after Labor Day” anymore, we do tend to think about our lives by the season. Up next is fall, and we know that can mean colder weather, back-to-school and busier schedules. But, that doesn’t mean your wellness goals fall by the wayside. Your personal wellness journey isn’t seasonal – it’s a year-round commitment.

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When it comes to year-round wellness, I think about it in two ways. First – as a single mom raising a tween daughter (pictured below), I want to lead by example. Lately, it’s been challenging to fit in exercise, so I downloaded a fitness app and asked her to be my workout buddy. I’m also fascinated by how much a good night’s sleep affects my productivity. Gone are the days of burning the midnight oil in an effort to get more done. Second – as a lifestyle communications consultant, I want to help brands – big and small – be relevant to the wellness consumers they care about.

The population of wellness consumers is growing every day, and the industry itself is gaining mind-blowing momentum. With buy-in from consumers and corporations, natural beauty has become the next “organic food,” according to Mind Body Green. Mindfulness and meditation are booming and sleeping well has become a huge priority and a huge market. This year’s trends have set the stage for a world in which wellness is more accessible than ever. And, brands need to market differently because these consumers are savvier than ever about the power and influence behind their purchasing decisions. In fact, according to Ad Week, the wellness ecosystem is built to empower consumers over brands. As a result, if a wellness brand misleads or disappoints a consumer on his or her wellness journey, they probably won’t see that consumer again. But if that brand gives the consumer the help and support they’re looking for, all with a great experience, it will win the consumer’s trust, short-term business and long-term loyalty.

We already know from a recent Ketchum survey that 93 percent of Americans have at least one wellness goal, and the definition of wellness is equal parts emotional and physical. But how do brands in this space get to them, and ultimately win them over? We believe in the power of “Wellfluence” – the influence that wellness has in all of our lives, and the influencers behind it who drive our perceptions of what it means to live well and helps us decide which products we should purchase to support that goal. These are people who share their opinions about wellness and purchase habits with their friends and family. They’re quick to either recommend or critique a wellness brand, and are loyal followers of wellness critics, bloggers and journalists.

I’m so proud to lead a team of experts who can help uncover your brand’s most compelling and authentic wellness story, while identifying the influencers driving conversations in your category.

If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to connect with me (just not when I’m sleeping those sacred eight hours each night)!

And, remember – prioritizing a lifestyle of wellness requires effort 24/7/365, both for the brands that want to discover, connect and enhance relationships with their target audience, and the consumers who want to discover, connect to and enhance their unique wellness state of mind.

My daughter Carly. 😉