The 3 Essentials of a Great Agency

As my six-year anniversary at Ketchum Maslov came and went, I began thinking about what has really inspired me at the agency over the years, and what exactly makes an agency stand out from the pack. While there are countless things that I believe can make any company a great place to work, there are three quintessential attributes that Ketchum does well that I think can really help a PR agency shine…

People-Centric Approach
Create the best team for every client. This strategy tells employees that the agency realizes it cannot create its best work if it doesn’t meet the aspirations of the team. It would be difficult for any agency to be client-centric or commercially successful if its employees’ welfare fell by the wayside. Great companies have made diligent efforts to fully support employees on both a personal and professional level, garnering workers’ appreciation for, and commitment to, organizational goals.

Supportive and Engaged Leadership
Whenever my enthusiasm was not at its peak, the agency’s leadership—from partners to my mentors and direct supervisors—always jumped in with words of encouragement and helpful suggestions on how I can grow further in the business. A great agency will have strong charismatic leaders who are always willing to listen to clients and employees alike, and will encourage colleagues to enter new zones and take up more responsibilities to increase their knowledge. This approach will show colleagues that management supports their growth and development, and will lend itself to a better overall environment.

Facilitating Environment
A growing number of Ketchum’s employees fall into the millennial category. They are all about dynamic, stimulating challenges, and have a thirst for highly-satisfying jobs. It can be a challenge for any company to make the most out of such an ambitious group. It is important for agencies to ignite passion among its employees and open up new opportunities for fulfillment. Creating a stimulating environment is key to inspiring colleagues to give their best efforts and find true value in their work.

Through the combination of these three pillars, PR agencies around the world can continue to drive creativity and innovation in this challenging, fast-paced and highly competitive market.