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We believe that the principles of sustainability are vital for both our planet’s health and the long term health of businesses and communities.

Today there is an ever-increasing pressure on organizations to be sustainable. The move towards environmental thinking is creating new markets and opportunities. Companies are expected to set bold aspirational goals, reduce their environmental and social impact as well as take accountability for their actions. On top of that, organizations must manage scrutiny by the media and other influencers, which nowadays can be anyone with a laptop.

Organizations that conduct their business in an economically and socially responsible manner differentiate themselves from companies that don’t.

Embedding sustainability:

  • Protects and enhances companies’ reputations, inspires consumer loyalty and instills employee pride – it is a brand strengthening asset
  • Drives new ways to do more with less and ultimately improves the bottom line
  • Improves both reputation and return of investment

The Ketchum Sustainability specialty group helps organizations tell their sustainability story in a clear, compelling and credible way. We are made up of a global network of sustainability counselors – hailing from environmental NGOs, policy-setting and regulatory organizations, advocacy groups, corporations and brands – who bring experience from working with clients in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

The Sustainability specialty group:

  • Provides counsel, resources and hands-on communication strategies to help companies, ultimately, drive behavior and perception change
  • Aligns an organization’s commitments, actions and performance with global trends, innovations and stakeholder expectations to develop strategic sustainability platforms
  • Achieves the best possible outcomes in trust, reputation and profit