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The New Man Code Report

Men are idiots. Right? Of course not. Everyone knows that men are far more multifaceted than a marketer’s PowerPoint presentation would suggest. But when it comes time to set strategy and brand direction, many marketers fall into timeworn, comfortable—and dangerous—habits.

To better understand the beliefs and behaviors of the often-stereotyped, yet intriguingly complex, modern man, we surveyed more than 3,500 men and women in eight countries in 2015. What did we discover? From Generation Z to men who are 50+, guys around the globe are rewriting the Man Code.

The New Man Code explores how guys around the globe are redefining what it means to be a man. We explored this phenomena across all age groups and then took a closer look by cohort: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and 50+.

One of most intriguing discoveries is the emergence of the “Alpha Man-fluencer”—that guy online who curates content very deliberately and whose major clout helps shape what other guys believe and buy.

Other notable findings from our study include:

  • The New Traditionalist (ages 18-24) is back and he’s more like his grandad than ever.
    Tip: New Traditionalists don’t just hit “share.” They want unique, authentic platform-specific content that doesn’t pander to a specific audience.
  • Tireless Trophy Takers (ages 25-34) are much more about looking good and enjoying the spoils.
    Tip: Older Millennials are broadcasters who can carry your message broadly as long as you craft it in a way that resonates with them in a very personal way.
  • The Forgotten X Men (ages 35-44) are comfortable in their own skin, and with their wallets.
    Tip: Recognize X Men for their achievements and position as the leaders of today and they will reward you with loyalty.
  • The ReMovers (ages 45-54) are comfortable parting ways with friends, spouses, behaviors and brands that have lost personal relevance.
    Tip: Marketers who ignore or take ReMovers for granted do so at their own peril. This is a generation that has collected the greatest accumulation of wealth and power the world has ever seen.

Identifying your male influencers is just the start. To ensure you’re reaching the right spectrum of influencers and getting the most from your digital/social strategy, we offer these Marketing to Men services infused with insights from The New Man Code:

  • Influencer Guy-dentification & Mapping
    Who are your brand’s most important influencers? What insights matter most when making strategic decisions about how to reach your targets?
  • Guy-Content Marketing Guide
    Our study shows that content counts. How can your brand create and curate relevant, valuable content that changes or enhances your target influencers’ behavior? What type of content will make them stop…read… think… behave… differently?
  • Men-Gagement Strategy
    Using outputs from the above services, this offering gives you the answer to the question: which of the many possible digital/social engagement strategies will create the most impact for your brand?

If you would like to access our full report, please fill out the form on the right. There’s a New Man Code out there—let Ketchum help you decode it.