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Food 2020: The Food eVangelist

The shift in consumer beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that began influencing the food industry in recent years has grown from relatively isolated rumblings into a full-on, seismic event.

At the core of this evolution are the Food eVangelists, a powerful global group who want to impact the way food is raised, packaged and sold and are committed to sharing their opinions with others.

Our latest installment of Ketchum’s landmark global study, Food 2020, has found that today’s empowered and influential Food eVangelists have increased by ten percent globally in just two years and now can no longer be considered a small group of influencers. What’s more, their childrens’ awareness of and attitudes about food have changed dramatically. It wasn’t long ago that most families defined healthy eating simply as having a balanced meal and children had little say about the food that was prepared for them. Those days are gone. Consider this:

  • 49% of all parents surveyed say their children take an active role in choosing the types of food the family eats
  • 39% of all parents surveyed say their children look at labels
  • 38% of all parents surveyed say their children shun foods with certain ingredients

This is significant news for food companies, as Food 2020 indicates that Food eVangelists are on the verge of becoming the mainstream core customers with whom they need to build relationships today and tomorrow.

So, what does the rise of the Food eVangelist mean to those responsible for advising leadership, leading businesses and building brands? How can one develop an honest an authentic voice and the right engagements in this new world?

With 60+ years of consulting with food companies and experts that span all aspects of the food and agricultural industry, Ketchum can help navigate this journey. We know what drives Food eVangelists and can help build communications and marketing strategies that will lead to long-term relationships and enhanced reputation for your business.

To learn more about Food 2020 how the findings impact your organization, please contact Linda Eatherton.